As I look back at my life as a senior citizen, and take a political view of the past, I realize that I voted for president of the United States 13 times. I also remember being very concern when Ronald Reagan was elected, whom I didn’t vote for. He was a Hollywood actor who co-starred in a movie with a monkey. At the time I wondered where the country was going, and if we would survive his administration.

Fast forward 30 years, we now have the monkey in the White House. He has brought without a doubt the most discord in local, national and world politics. It has produced divided communities, uprising in race and religious issues, and a total closed eye on ecological and environmental concerns, with all decisions made in order to allow regulations to be ignored so that the rich to prosper more, which will set this country back 30 years on all fronts.

That’s not to mention how our hard-fought alliance with the free world has been allowed to diminish as corrupt views and actions go forward without question.

It’s time to put the “monkey” back in the zoo, allowing him to go back to his previous illustrious life of spending and swindling. It’s obvious that monkeys and money don’t mix.

Lewis P. Pelletier


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