President Donald Trump separated very young children from their parents as they crossed the southern U.S. border. I knew he had no heart, but I am even more firmly convinced of that now.

I am a registered nurse, and have worked with mothers, newborns and very young children all of my professional life. The most important concept I taught and fostered in the mothers is how important their relationship is to the child. I get physically sick thinking about these poor helpless infants and toddlers and older children being dragged away from their parents.

Children who are not cherished, held and loved by their mothers do not thrive. There is a name for this state — failure to thrive. The symptoms are irritability, lack of appropriate weight gain, lack of age-appropriate social response (such as smiling), sadness, and no vocal sounds. These children are damaged by being separated from their mothers, their loved ones. They will never recover from this damage.

I ask anyone who does have a heart to stand up to Trump. Call or write your congressmen. Write directly to Trump. Protest loudly.

Pamela Chenea


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