I have read several opinions about the meaning of Melania Trump wearing a jacket that read: “I don’t care, do u?” down the back (“Melania Trump’s ‘I don’t care’ jacket causes a stir,” June 21). The big question has been, who doesn’t care, and about what?

Is she saying that she doesn’t care about children being taken from their parents at the border? Somehow, that seems unlikely. Does she mean, as her husband’s tweet says, that she doesn’t care about what the “fake news” press thinks? That seems even more unlikely.

What I humbly submit as a possible interpretation is this: she was obviously being sent on a PR mission to make the White House look good in the face of a public relations crisis. Lo and behold, people don’t like it that the U.S. government is taking children away from their parents.

Giving Melania this job must have galled her, knowing that her husband gives not a damn about what happens to children at the border, or anywhere else. I submit that the jacket is intended to sabotage the intended purpose of her trip.

Really, she is just telling the truth about the president, which is far more virtuous than any trumped-up sympathetic gesture she is being forced to perform.

Fred Bloom

Mount Vernon

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