The need for immigration reform has never been more apparent, but no bill will be approved by Congress it if contains funding from traditional sources for President Donald Trump’s wall. So let them include funding for a wall, but be more creative in where the money will come from, as it almost certainly will not come from Mexico. Congress should set up the mechanism to sell wall bonds. These would be interest-paying bonds that the federal government would eventually redeem from the bond purchasers.

The funding for redemption could be raised in several ways. Supporters of the wall could make donations to be used for redeeming the bonds through something like a GoFundMe account. And think of the advertising that could be sold using the wall as a giant billboard. Vacations in Mexico would be an obvious source of advertising revenue.

Also, wealthier supporters of the wall could simply consider their bond purchase as a donation and wave any rights for bond redemption.

The obvious advantage of this approach is the wall is being paid for by the people who think it is a great idea. The majority of American citizens, who do not want a wall along the border with Mexico, will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that none of their tax dollars were used for the wall.

And, of course, the president’s great friends who operate Wall Street would be only too happy to make money selling bonds.

Paul Lariviere


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