Here it is, the eagerly awaited latest entry to the fabled “Ocean’s” heist franchise, “Ocean’s 8,” an all female gang of hi-tech, lean and mean super women. Let’s meet them and get that over with:

It all starts with Debbie Ocean, (Sandra Bullock) sister of the late Danny Ocean.

Debbie, as the flick begins, is being released from prison after five years, and set out on the street with the clothes she went in with, a raggedy pre-Cher out of style ankle length peek-a-boo mess.

She immediately hits the streets of Manhattan and shop lifts her way into the Plaza Hotel, where she cons her way into a plush suite. Is she on parole? Where is her parole officer? Fuggidabout it. This is a big, no-rules-apply cartoon that requires you to just sit back, munch popcorn and enjoy.

Okay. Let’s meet her gang, a Cobb salad of Chekovian ingredients:

A failed dress designer from the 90s, an ex con single mom, a Pakistan-American jeweler, a pickpocket, and a struggling actress with large eyes and mouth.


Supporting actresses include: Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina and Anne Hathaway. I’ll let you play a fun game, while you sit eating M&M’s, waiting for the movie to start. See if you can guess which star is playing what role. Ten points for each correct answer.

Gary Ross directed the film, and we know he did “The Hunger Games,” with Jennifer Lawrence.

“Ocean’s 8” is not entirely a flop. It has many exciting and fun moments, but they all arrive in big clumps in the last 30 minutes.

The heist is a well-planned caper set at the Metropolitan Art Museum on its annual Met Gala Ball. It seems that a fabulous $150 million necklace will be there, worn by a gorgeous actress who happens to be one of the larcenous ladies. Guess which one? That’s part of the game too. You’re getting no spoilers from me. I scanned one review that read like a novel and gave almost everything away. Avoid reading reviews. Except for mine.

What’s missing? Well, I for one, sitting too close to the screen, was grateful that there were no cars careening through the streets, exchanging gunshots and chewing up 15 minutes of the movie.

Also, there are no mean, scary male villains. In fact, there are no usable males at all. A boring Richard Armitage was there as Bullock’s ex-lover who, oh no. I won’t tell you, because it doesn’t work.


Wait, there is one guy who arrives in the last half hour as an insurance investigator and he’s terrific. I will only say that he’s played by a well known late night comic.

There are two other men from “Ocean’s Eleven” who make brief, but important appearances. One in the opening scene and the other in an exciting caper at the very end. You’ll applaud his arrival, I promise you. His act is like a shot of tequila after two hours of Kool-Aid.

Helena Bonham Carter? She steals every scene she’s in. Wait until you see her outfits. It made me happy that Helena had so much fun.

Mindy Kaling? I think she peaked in “The Office” series, she had better lines in that comedy than she’s had since.

Rihanna has almost nothing to do and seemed grateful for it.

Anne Hathaway redeemed herself in my eyes here. She’s beginning to come alive.

Someone named Tatiana Spotiswoode is here as a guest, along with a cavalcade of famous faces at the gala. Keep your eyes open, some you probably thought were dead are here and looking fabulous. Good for them.

My daughter, a Hollywood agent who saw the movie said, “Ocean’s 8″ isn’t a steak dinner, but sometimes you just need a chocolate soufflé.” I’ll go with that. Two spoons, please.

J.P. Devine, of Waterville, is a former stage and screen actor.

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