I hope legislators will band together next week to override the governor’s veto of the bill that spells out how Maine will fund Medicaid expansion this year. Voters decidedly passed a law last November to expand Medicaid health coverage to over 70,000 Mainers, most whom work but aren’t offered coverage through their employer or are paid so little that they can’t possibly afford coverage.

Expanding Medicaid will help people in need of coverage, and provide needed resources to our hospitals, community health centers, and other health care providers struggling to serve uninsured Mainers. Medicaid expansion will help uninsured people suffering from drug addiction access the health care they need to be healthy members of our communities. Most other states have expanded and are benefiting. It’s time lawmakers prioritize the health of our constituents over politics. Please, everyone, reach out, ask lawmakers to override the veto of L.D. 837, and fund Medicaid expansion now.

Jeanne Hanson

South China