Precious Innocents’ mission is to educate, promote awareness and provide options to women who suffer the loss of a child through a miscarriage up to 19 weeks of gestational period. Hospitals now refer to these babies as lab specimens, incinerate them along with medical waste and send them to landfills; 500,000 babies a year in the United States alone end up in landfills. It’s time for change, and the time is now.

When a miscarriage is diagnosed, have a friend or family member ask medical personnel to contact Precious Innocents at 872-8657 and let us provide your child with the dignified end-of-life care every child deserves. I will arrive with clothing (a shroud) for your child along with a consent form for your signature, which will allow the funeral director to pick up your child and prepare it for cremation. The child’s ashes may be kept by you, or buried with other cremated children, Other items provided by Precious Innocents will be presented upon my arrival. Remember that this child is your property, and no one other than you has the authority to make decisions relative to testing or other requests made, which will dictate its future.

We are non-denominational and a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.

If you are pregnant, keep Precious Innocents and its contact information with you in the event you or a friend may need it. Share this information with friends, sisters, relatives and ask them to spread the word about our ministry. What was once a stifled subject, needs to be discussed openly by all. It’s time that dignity is restored to those that need our voices in order to be heard.

Please let us help you, today, tomorrow, and in the future. We are here for you.

Aline Poulin


Precious Innocents Inc.


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