Winslow High School has announced the following students were named to its fourth-quarter honor roll for the 2017-18 academic year.

Seniors — High honors: Haylee Barrett, Marissa Carpenter and Kirstie Rogers.

Honors: Andrew Bolduc, Cierra Clyde, Emily Coates, Hannah Crayton, Tyler Crayton, Dakota Cunningham, Cassandra Demers, Logan Denis, Ashley Dineen, Ryan Gagnon, Devon Gleason, Kassandra Gregory, Sarah Guimond, Jacob Kershner, Jake Lapierre, Colette Latendresse, Arnold Maroney, Breanna Martin, Cassie McCaslin, Kathleen McCowan, Bailey Robbins, Madison Roy, Mackenzie Small, Carmen Smith, Sarah Stevens, Dominique Velazaquez, Haley Ward, Nicholas West and Cheyenne York.

Honorable mention: Cory Briggs, Hunter Campbell, Devin Carter, Colby Cote, Alyssa Currie, Brandon Dineen, Jade Freeman, Broghan Gagnon, Matthew Gravel, Natalie Greene, Keenan Janeski, Jackson Morneault, Alexa Petrovic, Garrett Pooler and Christine Quirion.

Juniors — High honors: Maddie Beckwith, Maeghan Bernard, Sara Doughty, Grace Paradis, Cullen Stout and Amber Worthley.

Honors: Bryanna Baros, Adam Bickford, Suzanne Bryan, Devin Daigneault, Kaitlyn Damon, Noah Gagne, Kyle Gurney, Arianna Hatt, Madison Jacobs, Mackenzy Labrie, Zachary LaFlamme, Isaac Lambrecht, Jessica Levesque, Alexis Lint, Weslee Littlefield, Colby Nadeau, Anna Pellerin, Katie St. Amand, Elyse St. Pierre, Tyler Tibbetts, Nicholas Tiner, Paige Trask, Haley Twitchell, Desiree Veilleux, Dacota Waldie, Cameron Winslow, Jacob Witham and Ely Yang.

Honorable mention: Kyle Camire, Elizabeth Farnham, Cearra Grandmaison, Amina Irish, Alexander Jason, Ethan LaChance, Kaibin Mei and Cheyenne Raymond.

Sophomores — High honors: Cameron Brockway, Willa Dolley, Katie Doughty, Cameron Goodwin, Jacob Huesers, Ethan Matthews, Justice Picard, Colby Pomeroy, Carrie Selwood, Grace Smith and Katherine Stevens.

Honors: Kathryn Bailey, Rylee Batey, Logan Bolduc, Eric Booth, Sebastian Bouchard, Silver Clukey, Brooke Cochran, Alexander Demers, Micah Dickson, Hannah Dugal, Brennan Dunton, John Hankey, Aaron Harmon, Garielle Hatt, Ross Hughes, Sadie Irza, Kaelyn Lakey, Juliann Lapierre, Riley Loftus, Alizah Maley, James Mason, Ronnie Mason, Caleb Mills, Christopher Mills, Haylee Moore, Wesley O’Neal, Madalyn Phillips, Jillian Pion, Alexis Porter, Kristen Rancourt, Taylor Rodriguez, Mallory Sheridan, Austin Soucy, Alison Stabins and Kaleb Thomas.

Honorable mention: Camden Dangler, Madison Morin, Mariah Morrison, Elena O’Hara, Leah Pelotte, Christopher Poulliot, Ashley Quirion, Maxamus Spaulding, Hannah Stevens, Sage Vance, Gage Vaughan, Abigail Washburn, Austin Williams and Abigail Wright.

Freshmen — High honors: Werkay Benson, Elliana Dow and Jennifer Ferry.

Honors: Jacob Berard, Philip Bigelow, Grace Bilodeau, Justin Bolduc, Megan Cates, Evan Crayton, Jade Crimmins, Philip Edward, Arron Erving, Reid Gagnon, Colby Genest, Lilly Harvey, Kenneth Hodges, Kassidy Latendresse, Bodhi Littlefield, Cassidy McIntire, Kaylee Nadeau, Karlie Ramsdell, Miranda Raymond, Annalise Spaulding, Steven Stanichuk, Abigail Thibodeau, Olivia Tiner, Jenna Veilleux, Carly Warn and Emily West.

Honorable mention: Caleb Bulger, Robert Clark, Jonathan Day, Elizabeth Crouse, Cassidy Foss, Riley Landry, Jenna Libby, Nathan Newgard, Emily Raynes, Zoe-Kay Reardon and Paige Spears.

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