As the school year has come to a close, I’ve been thinking of those public servants in the city of Waterville who don’t often get the thanks they deserve: school administrators and school board members.

I’ve lived in Waterville for 40-plus years and my son got a very good education here, first at Mt. Merici School for elementary education and then through the public school system. Superintendent Eric Haley has done a wonderful job guiding our schools. He has a great team of administrators, teachers and unsung employees who cook, clean and drive buses for the city’s children. He has high standards and his team achieves them.

The school board members also work very hard with our kids’ best interests in mind. I feel that they take their roles seriously. They have to make decisions based on mandates, regulations, budgets and gut instincts. We should remember that most of those on the school board had or have children and grandchildren in our schools. They understand that a school system’s priorities can make or break the reputation of a city the size of Waterville.

With all of the positive changes happening here, I hope that the schools will continue to have the excellent leadership we need to help Waterville thrive.

Laurel York


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