I am concerned about a proposal by the Trump administration called the “gag rule” that would make it illegal for doctors, nurses, hospitals, community health centers, and any other provider in the Title X program to tell patients how they can safely and legally access abortion.

I think that a woman should have the right to decide for herself if it is right or wrong to have an abortion. She should be allowed to get good advice from medical professionals about all options that may be available to her. The woman may be in a situation where her life or health is threatened and the health of what she is carrying in her womb is threatened as well.

The government should not be making a decision about an abortion for her. She should be allowed to make it herself, and to get the best advice available from medical providers to help her make a good decision. This gag rule should be opposed by everyone who does not want the government intruding in personal life decisions.

Elery Keene


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