How can a country have a divided opinion on the immorality of separating families?

It happens when a country has a president who believes he is above the law. He is an ill-informed man who gets his information about running a country from fake news Fox. He favors the 1 percent and has fooled his base that he works for them. He’s a self-important man who’s reality is based on an upbringing of wealth and not being accountable for his actions.

History will not be forgiving to him because the one thing we Americans hold on to is legacy; so far Donald Trump’s legacy isn’t faring well.

So what do we Americans do to make this right? We continue to be informed. We connect with our representatives, religious houses, family and neighbors to fight for what we truly stand for. Make our politicians such as Rep. Bruce Poliquin accountable and vote him out of office. He is one who consistently votes with Trump.

Jacqueline Fournier

Mount Vernon

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