I am writing today to ask Gov. Paul LePage to grant a pardon to Lexius Saint Martin as soon as possible (“Waterville family hopes pardon will pave way home for deported father,” July 9). Saint Martin has paid dearly for a mistake done long ago and has become a good member of our community and was providing an exemplary life for his family. He is needed here in Waterville, not only for his family and his business acumen, but also for citizens who are eager to hire him, including me.

My granddaughter used to work at a local fitness center where Saint Martin exercised. She said he was such a nice man who was polite and had a good sense of humor. I fear for his life if he continues to remain in Haiti. I, for one, would hire him to clean my camp when he returns to us. His wife and children need him.

Mercy is the greatest gift we can bestow on our fellow man. We all need mercy, Gov. LePage. Please be merciful and pardon Lexius Saint Martin.

Julie Letourneau DuPont


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