Throughout my career as a high school teacher, I heard many students speak of their dreams for the future. Some wanted to go to college; others, the military. Mindy Reynolds wanted to marry the man of her dreams and have a family. She planned to stay nearby, close to her family.

How fortunate she was to realize that dream when she met Lexius Saint Martin (“Waterville family hopes pardon will pave way home for deported father,” July 9). Although I haven’t met Lexius myself, I know him through Mindy to be a good husband, an ideal father to their children, and a reliable business owner. How disturbing that he has been deported to his native Haiti, where conditions are deplorable.

Lexius served his time and learned from his mistakes. More than that, he has demonstrated his true character by starting a successful business to support his family. Lexius Saint Martin deserves to be pardoned. This is the first step toward bringing Lexius back to his family. When I say my prayers every day, I ask for the reunification of this family. Please bring Lexi back to the home he worked so hard to create.

Linda Woods


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