Rep. Erin Herbig has long been an advocate for keeping young Mainers. The youth of Maine, myself included, love this state and want to be able to feel that they could one day return and build a life here, but often see too many hurdles to overcome — including job availability and security. Rep. Herbig’s plan to create a community college center in Waldo County, where certifications for Maine jobs can be acquired, will dissolve those hurdles.

In addition, she is an active sponsor of legislation that supports working families through training partnerships with Waldo County employers, vocational programs, and affordable child care and health care. These programs will lead to a more prosperous Maine and a more attractive environment for young families.

This kind of innovative and forward-thinking legislation is brought to the table only by Rep. Herbig. She understands that real legislation has less to do with political parties and more to do with the people whom it affects. Herbig has always fought for the policies and programs that are best for her state and her people, and with the help of your vote in the general election this fall, she will continue to do so.

Olivia deFrees LaRoche


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