Have you ever had a bad experience with a real estate agent, or any other company? Have you ever filed a complaint with state agencies, only to find that your valid complaint was dismissed out of hand with no logical explanation? Well, you are not alone.

Here is our story. We were victims of a negligent real estate agent. We filed a detailed complaint with the Maine Real Estate Commission. Despite strong evidence, the investigator minimized, distorted and ignored our complaint, in an obviously biased way. Our complaint was wrongfully dismissed. We filed a lengthy complaint against investigator and REC, which was forwarded to attorney general’s office for “appeal.”

Despite spending weeks trying to find out whom our complaint was assigned to, we were thwarted by the AG. On July 2, we got a call from an attorney in the AG’s office who was rude and overbearing. He refused to give us an appeal. When I protested, he threatened to “terminate the conversation.” Then hung up on us. On July 6, we found out, from intervention from governor’s office, that our complaint was dismissed with no investigation.

No resident of Maine should be treated this way by any state agency. Our taxes pay salaries of state employees. Therefore, they should work for the people, not against them. We call out to anyone who has had a bad experience with Real Estate Commission, attorney general or any state agency to call us at 495-2220. Perhaps, together, we can make positive changes ensuring that people actually do come first.

Barbara and Robert Heimanson


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