I realize that the raises are a done deal for this year. I would strongly suggest exploring the possibility of placing a cap of no more than 3 percent for Waterville city employees in any year. I know of no one in the private sector who has ever received a raise of 6 percent in one year.

Waterville High School building temperatures are outrageous. It is so hot all through the winter that teachers have to open windows. Most residents keep their home at 68 or 69 and wear extra clothing. There is no reason for the city to keep buildings so warm. Kids wear shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops all winter.

I have asked a number of times why it is so hot in the school and was told that the thermostats can’t be adjusted. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. That is something I would approve of spending money on.

Three years ago, while costuming a spring drama show at the school, I heard water running — a toilet was running full force in a storage area. I reported it to maintenance and was told someone would take care of it.

When I returned to start costumes for the fall show, the water in that toilet was still running full force. Again maintenance said someone would take care of it.

In November, eight months after first reporting the situation, it was still running. I contacted the school board and the problem was fixed. If a dripping faucet wastes gallons of water per day, how much did that single toilet cost the taxpayers over eight months?

Common sense isn’t very common.

Louise Marcoux Bowker


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