Has President Donald Trump never realized that the terms “incredible” and “unbelievable” actually mean “not credible” and “not believable”?

A grade-school vocabulary and disturbed mentality characterize his grotesque tweets, and his whole schtick is wearing thin. Many of us knew long ago who Trump was, but sadly most of the nation seemingly did not. The GOP legislative majority — who have continued to support him in the face of his lying, dishonesty, degeneracy and overall political incompetence — have done it for so long that they now lack the guts to admit their mistake. And so he stumbles on.

Trump is no true patriot. He’s a global real estate developer, scam artist, and dictator wannabe. Everyone should return to square one and really consider as objectively as possible what he has done.

I suggest he has continuously sought to undermine and destroy decades of patriotic work by many devoted, qualified people in order to gain authoritarian power and declare himself a “winner.” But things are closing in on him, and I further suggest that the reason he does nothing to advance measures to protect our upcoming November elections is that he does indeed recognize that the Russians helped to put him into the Oval Office and he now hopes they will continue to interfere and subvert the voting to keep a GOP majority in both houses.

Trump never expected to win the presidency, and now he’s in a pickle. If the Democrats win a majority in either house, he knows he’ll be on his way out. The Mueller revelations, when they come, will not be “fake news.” A big orange suit may be looming on the horizon. Stay tuned.

Abbott Meader


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