A recent letter to the editor protested the federal government’s proposal to change Title X funding (“Don’t let Title X funding go backwards,” July 26. The writer was concerned that such changes would not allow clinics to do abortions or to refer a patient to a facility that performs abortions.

Have you ever noticed that those who advocate for abortion rights never describe abortion? What is abortion? Of course, the answer to this question is obvious to most people. We don’t describe abortion procedure in polite company.

She then writes about “good science” used by legitimate family planning clinics. Do they include good science related to fetal development? Are women told that fetal heartbeat begins at six weeks? According to the Mayo clinic, the head develops at seven weeks, nose at eight weeks, toes at nine weeks, and elbows at 10 weeks. Now that is good science. Science like this points out that abortion is not a religious issue, as the writer implies. It is a human rights issue with good science on its side.

Kathryn Swegart


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