Jay Ambrose’s recent commentary was misleading and alarmist in several ways (“The socialists are coming! The socialists are coming!,” July 28).

First, he incorrectly identified both Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders as “socialists” when they are democratic socialists. It may seem a subtle semantic difference but it is a large one in reality.

Second, he discusses the evils of the Soviet Union, China and North Korea’s socialists governments, but these governments were communist, not socialist. It’s a very important distinction, much like the distinction between socialism and democratic socialism. It would do Mr. Ambrose and his readers a justice to at least be accurate in what he is attempting to discuss.

Finally, in his last paragraph, he mentions the often-touted “lowest unemployment rate for blacks in history” under President Donald Trump. This is a dubious distinction when one compares it to whites and realizes that, yes, fewer blacks are unemployed than before, but their unemployment rate is still about twice that of whites in every category. The gap remains the same as the overall rate has decreased slightly.

I would urge Mr. Ambrose and all other writers to be accurate in terminology and provide context rather than merely trying to inflame with hyperbole.

Tracey Horton


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