Let us, the concerned citizens of the United States file a class action suit against Donald J. Trump.

Trump has caused me serious harm to my overall health. I worry constantly about the demise of democracy; the timidity, complacency, corruption, and uselessness of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate; the loss of personal liberties (and I am not talking about guns, because the gun manufacturers and the NRA control our lawmakers); the destruction of the planets’ species, air and water; the backward thinking in terms of supporting new forms of energy production; the dark and now anonymous sources of huge amounts of special interest money being inserted into political campaigns; having a president who praises dictators and fights with our allies; our election process being hacked; and having a president who is a liar, conman, and a degenerate.

This situation is no longer a laughing matter and anger is a better motivator than humor. I don’t want my indignation diffused; I want Trump and his treasonous/greedy/corrupt family and cronies in jail.

A class action suit would bring a dose of reality. Trump is not a loved and popular president; he is a dangerous abnormality. We must rise up collectively as outraged citizens, legally and peacefully but with purpose, to knock some sense into our spineless, self-serving lawmakers.

There is no one coming to rescue us but us. It is well beyond the time that we lash out in anger at Trump’s disastrous policies and double-speak.

Anger does not kill democracy and truth, but despair, apathy and resignation do. People must confront manipulation and challenge propaganda in all forms.

Kathryn Begg


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