The vast sums of money currently being contributed to political campaigns are destroying the fundamental democratic principle of “one person, one vote.” Since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, corporations, unions, and some nonprofits can spend unlimited amounts of money supporting political campaigns or advertising “political opinions.”

Understanding how important it is that we at least know who is making these contributions, Maine’s Sen. Angus King sponsored a bill, the Real Transparency Act, to strengthen the reporting requirements of individuals giving $1,000 or more to candidates for federal office.

In addition, he announced his support for an act that would reverse the Trump administration’s recent decision no longer to require “dark money” organizations to report their contributors to the IRS.

I am grateful that I have a senator who represents me in Washington and not those who are wealthy enough to buy elections. I plan to vote to re-elect King on Nov. 6, and I hope other Mainers will too. Thank you, Sen. King.

Linda Wilcox

North Monmouth

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