With all the media coverage about Russian interference in our last presidential election, we know some things for sure. We know they did it with orders from the top because Russia is a one-man rule nation with cooperation from the billionaires who surround their billionaire leader. This money trail is where our media falls short, stopping short of looking at the money and control these greedy men, and a few women, want for themselves and their friends.

Make no mistake. Greed has no national loyalty. Its only loyalty is to itself. Both of the actors on center stage (Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin) surround themselves with obscene wealth and taking too much because they can. And, of course they only want more. That is the nature of greed. Look at Trump and his cabinet for proof. Look at what is happening here where the so-called “tax cut” passed by Republicans showered its generosity on the top 1 percent and threw crumbs to hardworking people. And they got those crumbs back anyway. Look at the price of gasoline. Look at the fact that, despite growing national income and a shrinking unemployment rate, the value of wages has not risen in 30 years or more.

Pay attention to the details, my friends. Connect the dots that mass media seems blind to. This is the same old song on a different day. Follow the money.

Stephen R. Aucoin


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