I received this from an anonymous “fake” source recently.


From: SHS

Re: Next Press Briefing


Consider using one of these statements to walk back your Helsinki remarks with Vlad:

• “I didn’t say, ‘I don’t see why it would be Russia,'” or

• “I said, ‘I don’t see why it wouldn’t be Russia,” or

• “I don’t see why I wouldn’t say Russia would not,” or

• “Why should I say why it wouldn’t be Russia or not?” or

• “I do see why it wouldn’t or couldn’t be Russia; why would I say that?”

This should confuse the hell out of the fake media; indeed, it confuses me.

BTW, throw in a reference to Hillary … Benghazi … or Boris or any other “Red” herring.

BTW, “red herring” is a common phrase and has nothing to do with Vlad or Russia.

So you are good to go!

Brian Kent


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