One of the latest victims of the president’s hate and anger is LeBron James, who is donating a lot of money to a public school where there are many impoverished children (“Trump rips LeBron James’ intelligence,” Aug. 4). James is giving millions to the school to extend the school day and the school year, provide educational materials, food and clothing to those who need it, and even a bike to every student. He will also pay tuition to those students who want to attend college following graduation from high school.

Tell me, please, what has President Donald Trump ever done for people in need of help? When did he ever spend any of his money on people who are in need? What has he ever given to anyone? I’m open to hearing about any generosity he has ever shown.

We certainly know about his luxurious lifestyle. We know that he has everything he desires and this has always been true. We know he spends a great deal of time on his golf courses and expensive resorts. But what has he ever done for anyone else?

Charles Sawyer


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