I write this letter in support of Erin Herbig’s candidacy for Senate District 11.

I have known Erin since her high school days. I had a front row seat watching her train, compete, and lead as a first-class student-athlete. She was incredibly hard working, organized, enthusiastic, and goal oriented — characteristics she continues to exhibit today in the Maine House of Representatives, helping to improve the lives of her constituents, and all the people of Maine, every day.

Having worked in the local school district for nearly 20 years, I have been keenly aware of the pressure put on property taxes because of the unwillingness to fully fund education at the state level. I have also watched as our students leave for college and rarely come back due to lack of viable jobs. Erin is working hard to bring high-quality employment opportunities to this area, so our children can stay and grow their lives here.

It has been said that all politics is local. I agree. Every decision made in the Legislature has an impact at the local level. Erin is local; she understands the importance of including all parties in the decision-making process. She also believes that lifting the least fortunate among us elevates us all.

Please join with me and vote for Erin Herbig — a local voice for all of Waldo County.

Anna Wood-Cox


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