Have you heard about Jason Putnam, the Democratic candidate to represent Wiscasset, Alna, Pittston and Randolph in the Maine House of Representatives? If not, let me tell you about him and why I support his candidacy.

He’s an honest, trustworthy, down-to-earth individual who knows the value of hard work. He’s a self-employed carpenter who knows the importance of policies that enable local businesses to grow and create jobs. He’s a married father of three sons, a passionate advocate for Maine’s public schools, and is active on the Wiscasset School Committee. He wants everyone, regardless of their financial background, to be able to get a good high-quality education, whether it be on the college track or vocational training.

Jason will fight for access to affordable medical care for everyone. His wife, a Wiscasset native, is employed as a nurse at Miles Memorial Hospital, and from her he learns of the needs of the medical community, including the need to fight the opioid epidemic gripping our state.

We need Jason in the Legislature to fight for core Democratic values. So why not send a carpenter to fix the House?

Wendy Ross


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