As an elected municipal official, I’m glad that we have Sen. Shenna Bellows on our side.

For years and years, towns and cities have been experiencing tax shifting from the state to local property taxpayers. The state has ignored a promise to return, by way of revenue sharing, a fair portion of the sales taxes our residents pay. Instead the state has cut revenue-sharing repeatedly. The state has also continually ignored the will of Maine voters to live up to its obligations in education funding. These two factors and many smaller ones impact our communities in a big way.

Sen. Bellows has heard this concern from both municipal officials and on the front porch of many a property taxpayer. I know she will continue to focus on our concerns in this area and work hard to find solutions based on fairness and recognizing state commitments and obligations.

I firmly believe voting to re-elect Shenna Bellows to the Maine Senate is one of the best opportunities we have to hold the state accountable on tax shifting and to have a strong voice for fairness to towns and cities.

Bruce Bourgoine


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