I am so pleased to have a candidate like Erin Herbig on the ticket for November’s Senate District 11 race. She serves as representative for House District 97 and earned the validation of her peers to serve as the majority leader.

Herbig’s main goal is to strengthen Maine communities so that they can provide the opportunities needed to keep our young people here in Maine. As a fifth-generation Waldo County resident, she understands what makes local communities tick and what we need to do to help rural Maine thrive.

For example, Herbig has been a fantastic friend to Waldo County’s first responder community. Firefighters, EMS providers and law enforcement are the backbone of our community’s security. When local fire chiefs described to Herbig the struggles they have in attracting people to join their services, she sponsored, and successfully advocated for a bill to improve the recruitment and retention of firefighters.

Not only are her positions on issues important, but also the way she conducts herself. I believe in playing fair and playing nice. I have always been proud of Maine’s history of public servants, such as Margaret Chase Smith, Edmund Muskie, George Mitchell, and Olympia Snowe, whose commitment to the democratic process is strong and clear. They fought for what they believe in with decorum, modesty and humility.

I believe Herbig is that kind of leader and she deserves our support.

Elise Brown


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