Principled, steadfast, dependable: that’s Eric Brakey. Maine needs someone in Washington they can count on, and that person is Sen. Eric Brakey.

Sen. Brakey ran for Senate, believing in individual liberty. He believed in the rights of Mainers to keep and bear arms, he believed in the rights of Mainers to have to try medicines that could save their lives, and he believed in Mainers keeping as much of their hard-earned dollars as possible.

When Eric got to Augusta, did he change his beliefs? No. Even when those of his own party told him to change his beliefs to get re-elected, he stood firm. By standing firm, he won re-election by an even greater margin.

Sen. Brakey is just what Maine needs in Washington. Maine can count on Eric Brakey. I guess the best way to describe Eric Brakey in one word — he is a fighter.

Joshua Laury


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