We have an uncanny leader in our Sen. Susan Collins.

Sen. Collins cosponsored a bipartisan bill to prevent the president from leaving NATO. It explicitly prohibits the president from withdrawing from NATO or modifying the treaty without Senate approval. If the president attempts to withdraw from NATO without Senate approval, this bill would also authorize the Senate legal counsel to challenge the administration in court.

Collins has a difficult job finding the balance between making good votes and staying in the good graces of Washington leadership. Her seniority gives her access to important committees, an awesome opportunity to serve the U.S. and Maine. But she is caught in a Congress that is distorted by conflict and uses convenient lies to stay in power. There is not just one party involved in the partisan conflicts. Individuals are making poor choices based on short-term greed and fear. Sen. Collins is not one of them.

But she needs our help, residents of Maine, to stay strong and clear.

Thank her for her recent interpersonal strategy. Collins joined a bipartisan group of 14 senators with ambassadors from NATO and non-NATO partner nations to discuss U.S.-NATO relations and ongoing Russian aggression. This reaffirms America’s commitment to our allies and transatlantic cooperation regardless of our president’s erratic public behavior. Her next opportunity to demonstrate middle ground is the nomination to the Supreme Court. Urge her to protect the U.S. and our Constitution from the extremist nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

We must all urge Sen. Collins to vote to postpone any nomination to the court until conclusion of the special investigation into the interference in our elections. The Supreme Court must be prepared to rebuild our trust in our government.

Jacqui Clark


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