Wow. Money talks. Bruce Poliquin is plastering the state with enormous signs claiming he is “our congressman.” Who does he really represent? Anything Donald wants, Poliquin votes for. The “moderate” Susan Collins votes with the Republican Party 95 percent of the time; for Bruce Poliquin, it’s 99 percent. How does he then represent more than half of the people of this state?

Also, because of a stupid mistake in the new sign law, we can now be subjected to 12 weeks of political signs instead of the six weeks, as it has been in the past. Most politicians and candidates have not started plastering the state with signs, but Bruce has.

Jared Golden, an experienced state legislator, fights for everything Poliquin votes against: expanded access to healthcare, fair wages, clean energy, strong environmental standards and help for Maine seniors. Who should be “our congressman”?

Marla Bottesch


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