I want to express my concern over Central Maine Power’s planned devastation of northern Maine (“CMP touts benefits of power line project in Farmington,” July 16). This is a David and Goliath story. This is the concrete jungle versus the natural forest.

Goliath in this story is Central Maine Power and their allies. They plan to rape the beauty of Maine in order to provide power to Massachusetts. They are pushing a new power corridor from Canada through West Forks. Their proposal is not good for Maine. It is a miriad of falsehoods, half-truths, misrepresentations and obvious ommisions to try to convince ratepayers that this is good for their communities. Goliath will stop at nothing to railroad rural Maine.

David in this story is represented by the small, fragile communities that appear powerless to stop this power grab of the wilderness. People come north to get away from the concrete jungle and relax in a real forest. These towns depend on tourism for their existence. It is possible that some of these communities will not survive a new power corridor and the hundreds of windmills that I believe will follow. Northern Maine is “the way life should be,” and we cannot afford to be swallowed up by concrete and steel.

The end of this story is not yet told. Will David be able to stay the giant? They say “you can’t fight city hall” and “money talks,” but maybe, this time, the little guy will win.

The Rev. Deke Sawyer


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