As the busy summer’s end approaches and our kids and grandkids head back to school, it reminds me of how the state has failed our students and our community members struggling to pay property taxes by still not funding 55 percent of education costs. We have to do better.

Which is why the trend of legislators deciding they know better than voters by undoing laws passed by Maine citizen initiatives is so disturbing. We voted two years ago to finally fund 55 percent of education and make the minimum wage competitive with other New England states, and one year ago to expand MaineCare.

Who will respect and honor the will of voters? Who understands our choice to invest in children’s education? Who understands the concept of a decent day’s pay for an honest day’s work? Who won’t shamelessly block MaineCare funding?

The answer is Steve Ball.

My conversation with Steve was a refreshing change. He understands and respects the will of the people. He gets that educating children well is our investment in their future, and our future too as they become tomorrow’s workforce and community leaders. He understands that people who can’t afford to stay healthy or can’t live on what they earn aren’t helped by tax breaks for the wealthy. He understands that making real investments in rebuilding rural Maine’s economy around our state’s strengths, advantages, and innovation is how you actually create better jobs.

Here in House District 80, I urge you to join me in voting for someone who respects what voters want, understands what our communities need, and would serve working-class people with integrity: Steve Ball.

Chris Johnson


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