“Anne of Green Gables” will be staged at 8 p.m. Sept. 6, 7 and 8 at Lakewood Theater, 76 Theatre Road in Madison.

Green Gables is the home of lovable Matthew Cuthbert and his stern sister Marilla. They agree to adopt a boy to help with the farm work. Imagine their consternation when Anne Shirley, a girl in her teens, is sent by the orphanage by mistake.

Anne touches Matthew’s heart with her vivid imagination an her charitable viewpoint, but it takes time to reach the tender heart beneath Marilla’s hard exterior. Then there is young Josie Pye, a lad name Moody MacPherson, and Gilbert, Anne’s kindred spirit.

Starring: Lizzy Steeves, Gary Dorman, M.J. Clifford, Cathie Starbird, Isabelle Grignon, Collin Bowman, Wendi Richards, Sophia Smith, Dorothy Giroux-Pare, Acelia Kelley, Eben Hilton, Mackenzie Merrill, Earl Boyd, Daniel Girioux-Pare, Cary Libby, Jakob Sutton, John Kenney, Henry Quintal, Linda Garland, Amber Savage, Bianca Stoutamyer, Tabyr Briggs, Romy Gerstenberger, Tina Steevesc Emily Lyman, Kily Hilton and Jillyann Butler.

Tickets cost $23-$35 for adults, $17-$19 for children.

For tickets or more information, call 474-7176 or visit lakewoodtheater.org.

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