I wrote a letter to the editor in October of last year that included the following: “Instead of rising above he just drags us down and lashes out. President Trump is a failed human being who has absolutely no contrition towards those who he hurts or offends. In fact, he relishes it. He is a lost soul with no sign of possible redemption. He is our president, and I would hope that he could change and grow to be human, but clearly that is never going to happen.

“Into the bottomless pit he dived and will never see light again. A sad and wasted life compounded by all the damage and hate he spreads. When given a chance that only 44 other men have been given — the privilege to lead and rise above — he fails, completely. Donald Trump aspires to one thing and one thing only — himself.”

I for one found John McCain’s refusal to come home without his fellow prisoners an act of courage and dedication that never can be measured. I might not have agreed with all his political views, but as a soldier, father, and member of Congress the man let you know where he stood, and I never question his love of our country. I for one will miss his voice.

With his reaction to the passing of Sen. John McCain, our president, Donald J. Trump, proved beyond a doubt what a small and despicable human being he is.

Michael Grove


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