We have to question Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court harder than most. This nomination is for a lifetime; our children will have to live with this decision more than us. Our children have to deal with the aftermath of dismantled systems, “settled laws” overturned, labor laws changed — important rights that should be guaranteed.

What value do we want to leave the next generation? Do we want to give them an America where their value is only what labor they can bring to the table? Where we are seen as property rather than citizens? Kavanaugh has a record of siding with business interests and corporations, and his nomination is a threat to workers. We are in an economy where we are all working harder and longer hours than ever before but working people aren’t seeing the benefits. We work harder for less. Not to mention that women and people of color still face systemic discrimination at work.

The Affordable Care Act has been attacked since President Donald Trump took office. Why do we accept a country where the dying do not have health insurance because they no longer offer a monetary value to corporations? Why are we taking such backwards steps where Roe v. Wade is under attack and our civil rights are being threatened?

A vote to approve Kavanaugh’s nomination is a vote that ushers in a Supreme Court that is significantly less sympathetic to environmental protections. Our children deserve an environment that is clean and protected as well. Will Brett Kavanaugh stand up for us? I have no confidence that he will.

This is not the world I want for my children. This is why I plead with Sen. Susan Collins to vote no on Kavanaugh. It is the right thing to do for Maine.

Stephanie Chase


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