For the sake of national security, Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King should not confirm any nomination to the Supreme Court at this time, qualified or not, because they do not have the answers to the following crucial questions.

Was there any Russian influence on our judicial system via Trump’s financial entanglements with possibly laundered Russian loans?

Could Chief Justice Kennedy’s son be potentially ensnared in Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, and might this have contributed to Kennedy’s early retirement?

What type of relationship existed between Trump and Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin, during the 12 years the son was reported to be “one of Mr. Trump’s most trusted associates at Deutsche Bank” and during which Deutsche Bank loaned Trump at least $1 billion?

What is the relationship of the $10 billion Russian money-laundering scheme, for which the Deutsch Bank was fined in 2017, and Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans that overlapped during the same time period?

What caused the Mueller investigation to subpoena records from Deutsche Bank in December 2017, and what information are they uncovering that might clarify the relationship, legal or otherwise, between Trump and Russian oligarchs?

By replacing Justice Kennedy (who would have had to recuse himself from legal issues related to the Mueller investigation if his son was involved) with Kavanaugh (who Trump hopes would provide legal basis for stopping the investigation), Trump is disrupting an investigation into our national security.

Since some of the answers to the questions above can’t be made public until Mueller’s investigation is complete, I believe that it is dangerously hasty to vote on a nominee to the Supreme Court without being sure that nothing has tainted the open seat or reasons why Kavanaugh was nominated.

Holly Weidner


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