The other day I saw an ad attacking Jared Golden for supporting higher taxes “when you die.” His opponent, Rep. Bruce Poliquin, apparently thinks you and I might be affected by an estate or inheritance tax, when you need to have an estate of $5.5 million to be taxed. Poliquin might fit that category though.

Ironically this ad was superimposed on an article about Malaga Island. In 1911, then-Gov. Frederick Plaisted forced the inhabitants off the island. The state sold the land to the business partner of the chief of his executive council.

Poliquin, fighting diligently for the best interests of his Wall Street buddies, is trying to create fears about a tax that will effect less than 1 percent of the voters in his district. He has the audacity to do this superimposed on an article about poor Mainers being manipulated to serve the wishes of the wealthy.

Bruce, the truth about you is hard to hide.

Roger Renfrew


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