Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. As an American citizen, I demand no vote on Kavanaugh until all his papers are released. This is a coverup for someone who is not fit to be part of the Supreme Court, and any person who votes for him is unpatriotic.

I do not believe people should be putting party over what is right. I am so sick and tired of all this bull going on with Donald Trump. The man is an unindicted criminal and should not be allowed to pick another Supreme Court justice. This is like letting any criminal pick their own judge and jury and paying them off to keep them out of trouble.

This country has become disgraceful. Humanity is gone from the White House, and it is all about the money. The members of Congress need to grow a spine and challenge this criminal of a president. Anyone who doesn’t, including Sen. Susan Collins, will never ever get my vote again.

I used to have confidence in her, but those days have passed because I see her fall for Trump’s game every time. It should not be party over country, it should be country over party.

I feel like I am writing to the air because none of our senators listen to their constituents. They must vote no on Kavanaugh and, for once, put country over party. John McCain did.

Patricia Getchell

West Gardiner

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