President Donald Trump’s supporters have lost American values, respect and fairness. They are voting for autocrats, electing partisan puppets and allowing un-American bigotry, prejudice and racism to infect our current policies. It is deplorable. Being lied to repeatedly, being conned and being bullied when someone disagrees with Trump is creepy and deplorable.

Mark Twain said that diapers and politicians need to be changed often, and for the same reason. The stink in D.C., Trump Tower and a few golf courses require an emergency change.

Republicans embrace crudeness, lying and demagoguery, and are siding with a narcissistic president without appropriate regard to how his decisions negatively affect all Americans. We need all three branches of government to work independently.

Democrats have lots of issues as well and would be well served if they develop a real strategy that stays near the center-left. Mid-term elections should help change this tide of despicable characters. Our republic is being led by hatefulness and spiteful threats instead of thoughtful fairness and meaningful communicatio. This vile and deplorable representation has us divided, isolated and wary. I look forward to many diaper changes — soon.

Dennis St. Jean


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