As we prepare to vote in November, we all agree that our elected representatives must be committed to hear our concerns and then take action to help us. If they ignore our needs and go ahead with their own agendas, they are of no use to us.

Two years ago I drove Shenna Bellows around the county doing “door to doors.” On major state roads, on small streets or down dirt roads, she met her people: independents, Republicans and Democrats. She knocked on doors, listened carefully and, once elected as state senator, took action.

This time around. she’s doing the same thing, paying attention to her constituents’ needs. She wants to make our lives better.

A threatening barking dog, a dark house, a very slow response to the knock on the door — nothing discourages her. Once she stood hatless in the rain talking with a farmer who was a Republican for the better part of a half hour about health care. At the end of that conversation, she had gained his trust.

We need Shenna Bellows in the State House again — she is for all of us.

John Ward


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