I would like to bring attention to all Mainers of the proposed 145-mile transmission line from Quebec to Massachusetts. The proposed line will go through 53 miles of wildlife habitats and some of Maine’s most pristine landscapes. These lines will erase the beauty of Moxie Falls and rob those rafting down the river of their natural views of nature and wildlife. It will erase the serene sounds by emitting a constant buzz or hum.

Why would Maine want this going through our state? Central Maine Power, which is behind the transmission line, wants to lower Massachusetts electricity rates yet has little remorse for overcharging Mainers. The only ones that will benefit from CMP’s transmission line are Massachusetts customers. And CMP’s proposal is designed to provide big benefits to CMP shareholders and Hydro-Québec at the expense of Maine’s western mountains by harming forests, streams, wetlands, wildlif, and scenic beauty.

Please inform yourselves of how CMP would be in a position to gain millions from this deal on the backs of Maine’s landscapes and people. Contact the Public Utilities Commission through nrcm.org to stop CMP’s transmission line.

Maryann Ayotte

North Anson

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