I write this for my fellow American fathers.

Although it’s not always easy, most of us have tried to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We’ve tried to understand another person’s situation. But most of us have never had to make the excruciating choice between putting our children in great danger in order to avoid even greater danger.

When fathers put their children in grave danger by putting them in rafts unfit for journeys across an open sea, they do it because not doing so puts their children at even greater risks of starvation, death, rape or torture.

When fathers carry their children over thousands of miles of danger to our southern borders, as they try to escape likely death at the hands of brutal dictators, death squads and drug lords, they are doing what most dads would do: protect our children in whatever way we can.

Recently, American courts directed the present administration to reunite the families that its policies have torn apart. Please, my fellow American fathers, try to put yourself in these other fathers’ shoes. It’s time for fathers, not just mothers, to insist on the humane treatment of families. Imagine that yours is one of the 500 families whose kids have been taken away by an overwhelming force and you have no option to rescue them. We are better than this.

Christopher Wright


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