The Kennebec Retired Educators Association, comprised of retired educators from 60 schools in 31 cities and towns, has two $150 grants for two educators in Kennebec County for classroom use.

The grants will supplement expenses for student-centered, inter-disciplinary projects and may be expended for materials used in the classroom, speakers’ fees, project development expenses, etc.

Michael Praschak teaches middle school science in Windsor and received a grant last year to purchase books for his seventh graders. “The discussions we had! The kids impressed me so much with their insight into agriculture and how food is handled here in this country. They were able to start realizing how advertising and word choice influences buying options and just what is available in our grocery stores. I am very grateful for the KREA for allowing this to happen,” Praschak said, according to a news release from the association.

“Students remain our primary focus long after we leave our classrooms,” said George Davis of Skowhegan, chairperson of the Innovative Classroom Grant Committee and retired principal of Winslow High School, according to the release.

Grant description and applications have been disseminated to every principal of all elementary, middle and high schools. The principals have made them available to the classroom teachers.

Grant applications are to be submitted by Oct. 31. The winning applicants will be notified by Dec. 1 and will receive the grant money at that time.

For more information, call Kay Grindall at 512-0027.

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