I’m writing to support the Senate candidacy of Karen Kusiak because of her pledge to restore full funding of both the state’s education funding formula and the state’s revenue sharing.

I remember clearly how we teachers had to buy our own masking tape because the schools couldn’t afford classroom supplies.

Our Waterville home suffered a 37 percent rise in taxes after the city’s revaluation, causing us to rent out a bedroom on Airbnb. Now the local budget has gone up another 8 percent, not because Waterville spends too much, but because of the reduction in state revenue sharing under the current governor, who ironically argued for more revenue sharing when he was Waterville’s mayor.

Karen Kusiak will work to restore both the state’s adherence to its own education funding formula as well as its revenue-sharing program, for which she’ll have my vote and deserves yours.

Bernie Huebner


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