Between the months of March and July, I attend the town meetings in Pittston, West Gardiner, Litchfield, Farmingdale and Randolph, where I am given the opportunity to speak about all the wonderful literary services offered at the Gardiner Public Library. At these meetings, I am overwhelmed by the testimony of our supporters and I try to answer the questions from residents who feel that their tax dollars should be spent elsewhere.

It is especially concerning when this question is asked by town leadership as they grapple with the need to increase local taxes because the state of Maine refuses to fully fund municipalities by reimbursing locally collected sales tax through revenue sharing. Because of this failure by state leadership, municipalities are forced to cut back some very essential services, including library services.

I am so proud to say that all of our partner towns voted in the majority to support the Gardiner library, and I am ecstatic to welcome back Farmingdale as a library partner town. Libraries do change lives; I see it every day as we welcome back old friends and welcome new ones.

Come to the library and see all that we have to offer…it extends way beyond reading a good book, though that is certainly a great place to start.

Anne Davis

Director of Library and Information Services


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