Chloe Maxmin, my neighbor in North Nobleboro, came to our door, listened to our concerns, and explained her reasons for running for the open seat in House District 88 (Chelsea, Jefferson, Whitefield, and part of Nobleboro).

I’m a parent, a property taxpayer, a gardener and a retired teacher of government. My students and I interviewed legislators, simulated the legislative process, and discussed qualities of an effective legislator. Chloe checks all the boxes. She’s reaching out to every voter in our district, and she really listens. She has experience searching for creative solutions and working collaboratively to get results.

Chloe understands the complexity of my concerns. I’d like to be able to stay in my home as I age, and I also support high-quality public schools for my neighbors’ children. I’m watching how difficult it is for my daughter to afford health insurance while she is launching a small business. I see former students struggle to pay for post-high school education. In my garden I observe climate change in a longer growing season and new insect pests.

By not prioritizing the needs of average people, government policies have been a cause of our problems, and different policies can alleviate them. Chloe will bring fresh ideas to Augusta and persevere until there is positive change.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Chloe Maxmin on Nov. 6.

Carolyn Hardman


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