I first met our state senator, Shenna Bellows, in 2016 when she knocked on my door. I can verify that she knocks on a lot of doors, and so can the other drivers who work with her.

I know about the doors because, after talking to Shenna, I was so impressed that I volunteered as a driver. That means I drive her from door to door once a week. Besides driving, if I see a good photo for her campaign website I ask permission and snap a picture or two as well.

Driving her around the 11 towns in the district gives me a great opportunity to watch and listen as Shenna campaigns. I see that she listens to everyone, rural and urban, young and not so young, with the same respect and openness. She prompts questions or asks directly what the voter thinks. She asks what can be done better, or if the voter has an idea that can be used to help Maine people. And she keeps notes on every meeting. I know because she is always working on her iPhone as she walks back to the car.

If someone disagrees with her, and occasionally they do, she always assures them that as long as she is their senator they are free to contact her anytime to share their opinion. I will vote for Shenna in November because she is smart and she shares my values on issues like protecting the environment. I am a volunteer for her election because we need more people like Shenna in state government, and besides I truly enjoy my time on the campaign trail with her.

John Bastey


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