If you followed the hearings on Brett Kavanaugh you could tell, even with the nasty three-ring circus planned by many Democrat leaders and their paid protesters, he is the best of the best. I have never been so impressed by a potential Supreme Court nominee.

In a recent edition of your newspaper, I saw another pulling back of the curtain. There are seemingly countless groups from in and out of Maine who want to intimidate Susan Collins (“Crowdfunding campaign tied to Sen. Collins’ vote on Kavanaugh passes $1 million,” Sept. 11).

In the crass flooding of her offices with coat hangers and badgering her with all sorts of campaigns and rallies, they’ve promised to raise more than $1,000,000 for a future opponent — should Sen. Collins decided to run again — if she did not vote no on Kavanaugh.

Does this sound like a threat to you? It does to me. I hope she’s listening to her conservative constituents who are trying to get her attention with phone calls, letters and emails, even though we aren’t banging down her doors with threats.

The need for an abortion should be very, very rare in this day and age. Even though 1973 was a long time ago, “Roe v. Wade” is still “settled law,” and Brett Kavanaugh has agreed with Sen. Collins that it is.

Patricia Maynard


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