Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has proven himself to be an independent, even-tempered man who will apply the rule of law fairly. The job of a Supreme Court Justice is to interpret law, not write it.

Kavanaugh once compared the role of a judge to that of an umpire. His pragmatism and belief in impartiality is the reason why I hope to see Judge Kavanaugh soon confirmed.

Pragmatism and impartiality: those are virtues that I wish some of the senators sitting across from him this week shared. Yet despite some Democratic senators’ attempts to distract and derail the confirmation process, Judge Kavanaugh has remained steady.

Watching these hearings, I believe Sen. Susan Collins respects that steadiness. And dissimilar to the performances of some her colleagues, I am proud of the way Collins has deliberated.

Kavanaugh is an extraordinarily qualified nominee and politics should not continue to obstruct his confirmation. Judge Brett Kavanaugh will make an excellent Supreme Court justice and I hope Sen. Collins will give him her vote.

Rep. Deb Sanderson


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